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Why are you here?
Who are you really?
What happens when you die?

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Life between lives  

Life between lives -LBL- regression is also called Spiritual regression. In such a session we go into a deep trance and visit the life in between the lives. Usually with pastlife therapy or reincarnation therapy, we don't work very often with what happens after death, after the person has gone 'to the light'. What we do, is find traumatic events, and transform and integrate traumatic content. After that, it is enough to see the person one was in the past life go into the light, or anything else that means the afterlife for that soul. 

Michael Newton, an American hypnotherapist,  has dedicated a large part of his professional life to help people find out what happens in the life between lives. Many people want to know and experience where they are from, what is their purpose in life, why (and if) they chose their parents. He has developed his own techniques with deep hypnosis to do that. . 
To his surprise, it turned out that in the life between lives experience there is some kind of structure, which is found in almost all sessions. Many different people with different backgrounds and religious beliefs experienced the same kind of things in their travels through the after-world. Michael has recorded his experience with thousands of clients in three books: Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and his book for therapists Life between Lives. 

Michael Newton has trained several hypnotherapists to be able to do this work. Together they have founded the Society for Spiritual Regression, later called the Newton Institute . One of the tasks of this Institute is to train new students to use this kind of regression. In 2004 they have trained several european students in the Netherlands. Michael Newton and his former students were there, and I was one of the participants of this training.  In 2005 I have been qualified as a professional Life between life therapist. I am now to be found on the official website as a licensed LBL therapist.

Now there is the opportunity to do spiritual regression under my guidance, here in Europe (Holland) face to face, or from any place in the world by Skype or other online video service. There will be help from your spiritual guide(s) as well. This session is different from the usual therapeutic session I do with people. 

We start with a rather extended hypnotic induction, where we descend into childhood, after which the descend goes on into the womb. After that we go to the last past life, and the dying experience there. Then we follow what happens on the journey to and into the spiritual world and what the experiences in this world are. People have met among others their guide, their soulgroup, and there are very important meetings with wise beings, the Council of elders. Usually clients feel very moved and inspired after this session, and also somewhat tired, it has taken around four hours. Usually there is more insight about their purpose in life and accomplishments so far. 

There are some conditions to do a LBL session.
First we have to be sure you can go into a deep hypnotic trance, to be able to go out of the present body into the spiritual regression. My estimate is that about 80% of the people can do that right away. So, a person has to have had at least one hypnotherapy-session, or regression with hypnosis. It is possible to do that with me also, see below.
Second, and even more important for me, is that the client can easily come back into his body again. If a person has a history of psychosis, or 'flips out' too easy, I discourage to do hypnotherapy. It still is possible to do regression another way, but spiritual regression can make it even more difficult to get back into the body. I need to know a person can get back home safely without accidents.
Third I have the wish that the spiritual traveler has worked with their problems already, or is not afraid to meet some hidden contents of their psyche, like childhood or past-life trauma. It might be needed that we first need to work with those before we can get to the spiritual LBL experience. It is often but not always possible to take these traumas into the between-life, where it will be healed and cleared.

Time and cost: A first LBL session lasts about three to four and a half hours, and costs 280 euro for the whole session. There is no VAT payable. For a coaching invoice the price is 285. If you wish to do a second LBL experience, it will be much easier to get into the trance and into the world of the soul, and then probably two hours will be enough. Price for that is 70 per hour.
If you have not had a hypnosis-session before, you may want to first book a single regression-session, where we go and investigate a past life. This session takes two hours, and costs 140 euro. It is of course also possible to book just a single session.

To book an appointment you can call me (in Holland) at (0031) +633844492 or mail me. It is usually possible to book a session within two months, sometimes within a few weeks. The session will be held during the week in half a day, my daytime.

Place: The sessions will take place in your own home online or in my place in Wageningen, near Arnhem, which is near the German border. There are several hotels nearby, two (de Wereld and WICC) within walking distance, and also of course some airbnbs.

Anyone who is more interested in reincarnation therapy, can go to the pastlife therapy section of this page. 


Anita Groenendijk Reincarnation therapy.

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