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 Regressiontherapy and Pregnancy

Do you want to become pregnant but apparently have blockages,

or are you already pregnant and having trouble with it?

or are you curious about your baby?

Unwanted Infertility

It is very sad and frustrating if you really want a baby and it is not working.. Medically speaking there is nothing much wrong,  but every month not pregnant is a new disappointment.
I love to work with people in this condition. Up till now (2014) 80% of the clients have become pregnant, usually within a few months. With or without IVF. The chances of getting pregnant with IVF probably go up also. Several of my clients got pregnant the very next IVF after the session.

In just one or two sessions we go look for the causes of blockages to become pregnant and have a baby. Those blockages could be with the mother, but also with the father. I usually work only with the mothers.
The causes can be found in the childhood, and certainly also in the prenatal time when in mothers womb. If your mom was insecure, fearful, anxious or maybe even negative about pregnancy at any moment of the pregnancy, this can have effect on the unconscious programming. This unconscious programming can be so strong that it overrules the conscious wish to become pregnant.

For instance one woman was blocked to become pregnant because her mother had always said her elder sister should have a baby first. Another woman was blocked because her mother felt she did not have enough recources to take care of her baby (the client) and felt she should not be a mother.

We also look at attached energies, and we investigate past lives. In those past lives we often find death during childbirth, or giving birth, or having too many children for comfort. Also other trauma's connected with sexual organs can play a role.

With the kinesiologic muscle test we test which foods should or should not be taken, and if a lifestyle change is needed. I may redirect you to a naturopath for a more thorough check up of minerals, pathogens etc. 

Usually there is more than one cause and we treat all of them with different techniques. I ask the body to tell me what is needed with muscle testing..

here a (translated) message from a new mother, she gave permission to put this on my website.

Dear Anita

I really want to thank you very much for the help you gave me! From july 2010 we have been trying to get pregnant through IVF, because of the semen quality of my partner. 1,5 year and 3 tries later I found you. The first time I really did not know what I could expect, but it felt very comfortable right away. You were so open, it felt very familiar and warm. It was so easy for me to talk with you. Together we cleaned up some blockages, which I did not even know they were there! After 2 sessions you told me it was okay, and we were done, and that you trusted me and it. In februari 2013 I was with you, and this morning I had an echo: tomorrow I am 7 weeks pregnant!. So immediately after the sessions I got pregnant with IUI. We hope everything will keep going well with our baby, and I hope that in december we can send you a birthcard!. We are very grateful.

(I did get the card!)


Usually if there is no strong other theme like very low self-esteem, depression, obesity, we need only one or two sessions to highly increase the chance of pregnancy. When those mentioned themes are there, we first need to build a stronger basis of the self before getting pregnant. This might take up till five sessions.

Already pregnant but some trouble? Or do you want to know more?

Are you uncertain if you really want the baby?
Do you want the baby, but are you uncertain if you will be a good mother?
Do you have lots of doubts about all kind of things?
Do you want to know if you know your baby from a past life?
Are you experiencing fears, anxiety, unexplained sadness?

Pregnant people can feel very unstable in their emotions, through hormonal influences, but those get stronger when triggers and charges from the past surface, possibly from your own prenatal experiences, or from pastlife experiences. 

Cost per session of 2 hours in my office is 140 Euro

It is possible and often preferable to do these sessions over Skype, in which case it is better to have shorter and more sessions. prices see here


I have a digital voice recorder. If you want it digitally recorded, I can afterwards send it to you through the internet, via wetransfer.com.


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