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Emotive Therapy

Emotive therapy works very well in improving personal and professional effectiveness
In Emotive Therapy it is assumed that all limiting behaviors, which often eventually cause burnout and relationship problems, have their origin in unprocessed emotional charges and associated behavioral patterns from past situations. These charges and patterns are detected and discharged in an effective manner in the present. It may be necessary to identify and clarify past traumatic events, but often this is not necessary. Once the charge has been triggered, it can be discharged from the attention by the nerve cells located in the abdomen (Second brain, see this article). By doing this, the reflex to react to situations that recall previous experiences with fear, sadness, anger, withdrawal or attack disappears, and one can take adequate action, without loss of energy.

The method, which is used in a series of 9 consultations every four weeks, has already yielded lasting results for many people. Sensitive people who lose their balance over time in everyday situations, in particular, benefit greatly from this. The four weeks in between are necessary because the sessions are quite intensive and what has changed needs time to 'get used to'. New behavior is created and one has to practice with it. That happens automatically.
In the course of those four weeks, what comes up in the next session will come to the fore.
These 9 sessions have an order.
After the intake (session 1), the 3 generic sessions follow, in which charges of fear, sadness and anger are detected and discharged.
The fifth and sixth sessions deal with relationships with others and self-esteem/self-confidence.
After these sessions, a lot of charges have disappeared permanently.
In the seventh session we look at existing hindering behavioral patterns that are still there from habit (joy session).
The eighth session contains coaching related to the already changed patterns of behavior, removing the core belief that is under all those charges that we have already removed. For this we usually go back quite far in the past.
In the ninth session, even more coaching takes place about dealing with the new personal reality, and all residual charges that still require attention at that moment are treated. There is also a link with the more intuitive part, where confidence in the self and one's own judgment is also increased.

Half to 1 year after these 9 sessions, it is advisable to do another 1 or 2 coaching sessions, to deal with the challenges one encounters now that old behaviors are no longer necessary and often no longer work. As a metaphor: you find out that you have always had the wrong posture and way of walking, resulting in pain. But it was the only way you knew. Now that that way is unlearned, you might fall a few more times before you get it right automatically. It can be exciting to learn to walk all over again, in a healthy way.

Results of the Emotive Therapy include:

  •      Reconnecting with yourself.
  •      Strong improvement of personal and professional relationships.
  •      Insight into and breaking through old patterns, limiting beliefs and blockages.
  •      Strong reduction of feelings of stress.
  •      Emotional stability.
  •      Significant improvement in functioning at work.
  •      Strong improvement in learning performance.
  •      Development of creativity.
  •      Increase in energy.
  •      Strong improvement of physical and mental well-being.
  •      Experiencing options and thus a reinforcement of the sense of personal responsibility.
  •      Being able to set boundaries.
  •      Personal development.
  •      Peace.
Very important for the therapy is the responsibility the client has for his or her own process. There has to be a good communication link between therapist and client possible. It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation, for it is possible to see everything as a story, the language of the subconscious.

Recording the session

Working online I usually use Skype, which you don't have to install, I can send a link like zoom, and it can be recorded so it is immediately available for both therapist and client. When working in my office, you can use your phone to record the session.

Time and cost

You can pay per session, the costs are normally for individuals 140 euros per consultation of two hours (therapy). This can be done both online and offline.
For a business invoice (coaching) this 145 euro. These costs are VAT-free.
For employers, the costs are 1500 Euro.
For companies there is the possibility to work for multiple clients at the company location.

The entire emotive process therapy trajectory consists of 10 appointments of 1.5-3 hours each. The frequency is once every three to four weeks, the process takes 7 to 8 months, plus a return consultation after 6 months.

Anita Groenendijk

Rooseveltweg 323
6707 GN  Wageningen, the Netherlands

tel/fax: (0031)(0)(633844492) (also Whatsapp)
email Anita

 I give regularly workshops and lectures about PLT and TFH (in Holland in Dutch though, and in Portugal in English and Portuguese, and in Istanbul. but If you arrange a group, I can do it anywhere), feel free to enquire for the next date. Also you can arrange a skype meeting with up to 5 people and me, to talk about regression, reincarnation, regressiontherapy, energy management and cleanup, spirit attachments.

For an overview of the workshops I have given already and can give, for the general public and for regression and hypnotherapists, see www.bodywisdom.eu. I am prepared to travel.

Complaints: at the moment there is only an official complaints regulation in Dutch, that can be found here: https://nibig.nl/voor-clienten/klachtenclient/
If you have a complaint about me or the therapy or a session, don't hesitate to contact me, I will not judge any of it, and am grateful for the opportunity you give me to learn from my mistakes. We will find a way to work it out. If you don't agree with this, you can contact the complaints functionary through the above link. Even though it is in Dutch, you can write the complaint in english and they will find a way to communicate with you.

Privacy: look here for my privacy statement.

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