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Past Life Therapy




Time and cost


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Background of the therapist

More and more people believe that the soul has multiple incarnations. Others doubt. For Past Life Therapy it is not necessary to believe in past lives. Every problem can be treated with this therapy, whether it's emotional, physical or mental. If you want to get to know and understand yourself better, this therapy can work for you. Past Life Regression therapy works with adults.  Many people that come to my office are highly sensitive, most recognize themselves as highly sensitive persons (HSP or HSS) or neurodivergent / neurodiverse. I help them to manage their own energies and sensitivities.

If you want as an introduction to me or to pastlives a Reincarnation Reading, for 25 Euro or 30 dollars you can get a short reading. See my website for that.


Usually we're not going about life too clever. We often don't react to our present circumstances, but to circumstances of the past, as if those are still here. Something happens, around you or within your own mind, which calls up something from the past. This is a mostly unconscious process. You start to automatically react to the past stuff, instead of adequately to what's going on NOW. One could say that we are frequently or even almost always in regression.
Another thing that's going on is that we react from out of an image of what we think is us. This image of ourselves was formed in the past. It is a very fragile image  and we do everything to protect it and keep it as it is. This can bring up all kinds of emotions (like fear of judgment and anger if it happens), all kinds of behavior (evasion, denial, depression) and even physical complaints.


In a session we scan the subconscious for those reaction patterns that preserve the problems. It is very important to become aware of those reactions and of your self-image. Through the (body)memory, and sometimes by reliving the past we arrive at causes and manifestations of those reaction patterns. The past can be: recent, youth, birth, time in the womb, past lives or even the time between lives. By recapitulation of these 'memories' we may understand the pattern, let it go or transform it. There will be more consciousness and more freedom of choice to be happy, and be less automatically neurotic.


Usually a therapy is more than one session. In the first meeting we discuss the problem and your life for about 30-45 minutes. The rest of the session usually is an energy cleanup and whatever your systems tells us that it needs done. This could already be a full regression. To really change a stuck behavioral pattern, it is advisable to do several sessions. We work with stuck emotions. These emotions can be stuck in fragments of the personality that are lodged somewhere in the body. They got there because of childhood or pastlife trauma. Those fragments need to be integrated in the center of the present person, so the energy and emotion that got stuck is free to use again. During those trauma imprints and energies from other persons often get incorporated, which must be removed also. Also it is very important to retrieve lost soul fragments that were split off in traumatic experiences. There is a special processtherapy that works very good for high sensitives (HSP), called Emotive Therapy, which I use now more than half of the time I work with people.

It is also possible to do a Life Between Lives session.


Memories are stored in the subconscious. There are different ways to acces them. It is possible to use hypnosis for this. It works with about 50 to 80 % of the clients. What always works, fast and directly, is asking questions through a simple technique: the muscle test (no apparatus involved, you can relax while doing this). It is a simple test which makes it possible to ask yes/no questions. Through the body the subconscious is accessed. From there, feelings and images may appear. First we look at what is really bothering you from within in the here and now. Maybe there is anger towards a loved one, or someone from work. Maybe there is suppressed sadness. Then we go to the past to find out  what is still stuck from there. With visualisation or release-work you let the old stuck stuff go, so you have more room in the here and now for what you want to be now. After that, we may go further and shed light on the shadowy parts of the personality with Voice Dialogue.

The techniques I use, apart from diagnostic conversation are:

*  The kinesiological muscle test,
*  Learning how to get in and out of trance by choice,
Emotive therapy:
dissolving stuck emotional charges in the Hara-centre in the abdomen
*  Voice Dialogue
(dialogue with different parts of your personality, eg 'I want to work hard to accomplish my goals (part X), but I want to play games on my phone all the time (part Y)'
Touch for Health
(balancing muscles and energy),
*  La Chance Release Work
(direct physical release of stuck emotions)
*  Visualisation
(inner images+fantasies, shamanistic travelling),
*  Hypnosis,
for investigative regression, and also for the Life Between Lives or Spiritual regression
*  Reiki
(channeling universal healing energies)
*  Reading, cleaning and healing of the aura&chackra's
*  Bach flower remedies,
they balance emotions.
*  Cleaning of intrusive energies,
like people that seem to have a hold on you, ghosts, curses, black magic etc.
Soul Retrieval, inspired by shamanic principles and techniques.


All problems connected with high sensitivity. (fatigue. self esteem problems, depression like problems, mood swings etc). For that I nowadays strongly advise to do emotive therapy, which is a form of regressiontherapy I do with people, to really find and work through the source of the problematic part of the highly sensitive nervous system.

Relationship problems. Very Often people come because of a problematic relation with their partner, new romantic interest who seems to be the soulmate, or family member/s. We can unravel these knots and ties and see where the confusion/selfesteem problems/rejection issues come from.

Chronical  physical complaints like migraine and other headaches, rheumatic pains, high blood pressure, stomach and lower back pains, allergies can be treated. I often advise to combine this with natural healing practices as better eating and drinking habits, herbal healing cures etc. I have some knowledge about these methods, and I can use kinesiology to test for chemical disturbances, but if necessary I also have adresses of alternative medicine doctors.

Stuck or excessive emotions like phobias, depression, mourning problems, agression, low selfesteem, insecurity, stress, fear of dying etc. People with incest and other traumatic experiences in the past of this life can also benefit from this therapy. Here is a list of treated problems.


Very important for the therapy is the responsibility the client has for his or her own process. There has to be a good communication link between therapist and client possible. It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation, for it is possible to see everything as a story, the language of the subconscious.

Recording the session

You can record the session on your phone. if not possible I can record the session for you. When we work online I use skype, which you don't need to have as an app, I can send a meeting link. Skype can easily record the session for both participants.

Time and cost

The required number of sessions depends on the problem and the client. Inexplicable fears or bouts of aggression or nightmares are sometimes cleared up in one or two sessions. Depression and low self esteem, both often linked to high sensitivity (HSP) take more time to change. Usually the therapy helps, it always provides information about the questions, and often produces relaxation, less stress and release of emotions and physical symptoms. It is possible to do just one session, or have (bi)weekly or monthly sessions. A therapy session takes two hours if done in person in my office, and usually 90 minutes through online video calling, except the first intake session where we first have the intake conversation of 45 minutes and then the regression.
A therapysession takes two hours if done in person in my office, and usually 90 minutes through online video calling. Also videocalling can even be shorter than that.
You pay per non-euro bankaccount or Paypal or bitcoin or Wise, there is no VAT included.

online video-calling 2 hours
online video-calling 90 minutes
call/extension session 15 minutes
ftf In my office in Wageningen, NL 2 hours
extension session 15 minutes
Individual therapy NL and EU private
Business Coaching Invoice,  no VAT to be paid
low income/student/single parent jobless no contribution by insurance or family

Evening hours, weekend, for everybody, no low income exceptions
160 120
last minute same day cancellation




It is possible when you want to come from far, to do a 2 or 3 day intensive. We work about 6 hours each day. It is inevitable to go really 'deep' into the structure of the problem, belief systems and get in touch with several layers of the subconscious. We look at several past lives, childhood and behaviour mechanisms here and now. Cost for one day (around 6 hours session work plus breaks) is 400 Euro. There are hotels in the town and neighbourhood, and also several B&B for instance with Airbnb, some within walking distance.I do advise instead of coming to have online sessions, which gives a bit more processing time between the sessions.

Online video calling: See the page about working through Skype, for how it works and the requirements.

Payment can be done in cash, or per bank, bitcoin, Wise or Paypal.

Background of the therapist

I am Anita Groenendijk. After graduation at the University in Wageningen in environmental sciences in 1987 it took a while to find out what I really wanted. In 1991 I started doing the professional training for reincarnationtherapy, where I graduated in 1993. At the same time, in 1991, I started doing courses in aura healing and -reading, which I finished in 1995. Between 1994 and 1998 I have done several courses involving kinesiology, including Touch for Health, Edukinesiology, Three in One, One Brain, Structural Neurology, Blueprint. In 2001 I became a certified Touch for Health Instructor, and I have given many Touch for Health courses since. From 1995, after a weekend in Holland and a course in Sweden, I also work with Voice Dialogue. To enhance that, I followed two years of a Voice Dialogue training in Holland, from 1997 to 1999. I have been initiated in Reiki 1 and 2, and I often use the Bach Flower therapy. In 2004 I did the training for Life Between Lives by the Society for Spiritual Regression. From 2005-2008 I sat in with the classes of Hans ten Dam, of his TASSO training. In 2009 I developed a method of doing sessions by phone or skype.In 2015 and 2016 I aquired more medical and psychosocial knowledge in a 14 day training. In 2001 and again in 2015 I did training in Emotive Therapy. I am now officially an Emotive therapist, and teacher in training. And all those years I have been attending many workshops with the masters of the field such as Hans ten Dam, Roger Woolger, Morris Netherton, Trisha Caetano.

Although all these techniques and methods seem almost too much, I have managed to find a way to integrate most of them in a way that combinations are possible, and the situation dictates which I use. The backbone for all this remains the Past life therapy. I have done meditation, which I strongly recommend for everybody. I have given classes in regression therapy in two schools in Holland, and one in Belgium, and have given workshops in Germany, Belgium, Portugal, India, Brazil, Bulgaria and Turkey and am available for giving workshops in English, Dutch or German all over the world.

Dutch Past Life Association

Since my graduation at the professional training for reincarnationtherapy SRN in 1993 I have been a professional member of the Dutch Past Life Association NVRT. Only qualified therapists are entitled membership. Since 2016 I have been for 6 years in the board as vice-president. More information about the NVRT and a list of therapists is available on their homepage (in Dutch). It is also possible to order a brochure 'Your Past Can Sure get in your Way' (in english) through www.svr-info.nl .

European Association for Regression Therapists (EARTh)

I am a founding member, and have been 6 years Board member of EARTh. It was founded in 2006. Fellow therapists from many countries have joined this association. See our website.

Anita Groenendijk
Rooseveltweg 323
6707 GN  Wageningen, the Netherlands

tel/fax: (0031)(0)(633844492) (also Whatsapp)

email Anita

 I give regularly workshops and lectures (in Holland in Dutch though, and in Portugal in English and Portuguese, and in Istanbul with Turkish translation.  If you arrange a group, I can do it anywhere), feel free to enquire for the next date. Also you can arrange a skype or zoom meeting with up to 5 people and me, to talk about regression, reincarnation, regressiontherapy, energy management and cleanup, spirit attachments. We can do short pastlife regressions for every participant.

For an overview of the workshops I have given already and can give, for the general public and for regression and hypnotherapists, see www.bodywisdom.eu. I am prepared to travel.

Complaints: at the moment there is only an official complaints regulation in Dutch, that can be found in the Dutch part of my website.
If you have a complaint about me or the therapy or a session, don't hesitate to contact me, I will not judge any of it, and am grateful for the opportunity you give me to learn from my mistakes. We will find a way to work it out. If you don't agree with this, you can contact the complaints functionary through the dutch part of my website. Even though it is in Dutch, you can write the complaint in english and they will find a way to communicate with you.

Privacy: look here for my privacy statement.

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