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Anita Groenendijk
Pastlife (and)


 Now, early 2024, I am taking on new clients again, welcome!

 Online sessions are just as effective and even more efficient than in person sessions.

PAST LIFE (and) Regression THERAPYwhat, how, where, costs

Reincarnation Reading for 25 Euro/dollar

Emotive Therapy to solve issues with High Sensitiviy and other neurodiversity

Online video sessions for Energy and Emotional charge management and cleanup, Spirit release

Life Between Lives, spiritual regression in the Michael Newton way

Pregnancy, healing (in)fertility and Regressiontherapy

Children and Past Life Therapy

Workshops, lectures and classes for therapists

Complaints about your therapy

Privacy statement

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My membership with professional organisations:

I am member of the Dutch Association for Regression and Reincarnation Therapists

Of the international Association for regression therapy EARTh-association,

of The Michael Newton Institute          

and for my complaintsprocedure at het CAT

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